What I offer

I am pleased to offer classes, workshops and other personal/professional growth opportunities for anyone interested in exploring the deep connection between body, mind, spirit and feeling. “Soma” is the ancient Greek word for body as perceived by the self, which is the focus of the variety of my offerings. My classes focus on individual process and learning organically through exploration, growing the self and increasing capability along the way. At the same time, we will pay attention to relatedness and community, as the self does not only grow alone, but in relation to others and our environment.

How I teach:

My passion is to make the rich and varied traditions of mindful movement from East and West accessible to people with all levels of experience and a variety of goals.  Whether I am working with professional dancers and actors or elderly cancer survivors, I see my role as a guide, and the goal is to empower each student to become his/her own best teacher. With a focus on individual process and growth, classes are generally limited in size to allow for personal attention, if desired. Private sessions are also available.

In a nutshell, my group and private offerings are designed to:

  • Bring more clarity, freedom and pleasure into your own life

  • Re-pattern dysfunctional movement

  • Build self-awareness by learning to tune in and focus

  • Broaden imagination to awaken creativity

  • Increase balance, ease, and dynamic power and strength in mind and body

  • Develop the ability to be in the present, not looking back with regret or forward with anticipation

  • Challenge real and perceived limitations and move through them with kindness toward yourself

  • Create a compassionate container for you to be seen, heard and acknowledged as you learn and grow

For information on current classes and workshops I am teaching, please see below.  Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

As Director of Embodied Learning for the Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective (IMAC), I am pleased to be able to bring a variety of somatic and cross-disciplinary movement opportunities to the Indy community, through my own classes/workshops as well as inviting nationally recognized artists through the initiation of OPEN Indy.  Please go here to see my current schedule of classes through IMAC.  Come as you are to experience freedom and joy in the body and life you have.  

What is EmbodieDance?

Dancing is our birthright.  It is powerful way to bring presence and deep insight into our lives, and to connect us to each other and the world in a profound and meaningful way.  It is a way to optimize the health of all systems of the body, and experience the inherent integration of body, mind and spirit. 

Dance is a way to incorporate all of our human intelligences – intellectual, kinesthetic, visual, etc.  We learn both by ourselves in solo explorations and in community with others, and even with an audience as witness, if the opportunity arises. It is not just the movement itself that is necessary for our human survival and evolution but relating the movement we experience to the many aspects of our lives and interests.  


EmbodieDance evolved out of my desire to create a class that would introduce a wide variety of somatic dance/movement practices to people of all walks of life.  The class is both wonderful for beginners as well as stimulating for the more experienced practitioner.  Emphasis is on building awareness, ease, dynamic range, and most importantly releasing stress and having fun!  Each class is a unique, organic journey integrating somatic dance/movement practices from East and West, such as Shin Somatics, butoh, yoga, contemporary dance technique, composition, and more.  Relax and enjoy being guided through simple movement patterns done lying, sitting, standing and moving through space in the comfort of your own home.  For more information about a few of the practices we explore, please go to the "About" tab on this website.  Sign up for online or in person classes below!

EmbodieDance Online


2:00-3:00 p.m. EST


Sign up to take EmbodieDance on Zoom with Lani.  

EmbodieDance at IMAC


10:00-11:00 a.m. 

Sign up to take in person EmbodieDance classes with Lani at the Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective.  

Private Somatic Sessions

Private somatic sessions can be scheduled with Lani on an individual basis. Click for more information.