I feel I am free whenever I dance in (Lani's) class. And that experience allows me to re-center and recognize my body and myself. It is (a) very meaningful journey for me.

Yola Light, student

I love that the class and (Lani’s) facilitation helped me connect within my body and express what it needed and explore what it wanted as well as challenged me to pursue new ways of moving and perceiving. This class blends experiencing both freedom and
structure within movement and dance, varying between internal and external focus…I experienced myself mindfully as an individual and felt directly connected with others. I have been looking for a long time for a local group to explore movement and dance and mindfulness in community and I'm really excited to have found (Lani’s) class.

Jessica Miller, student

I wait for (Lani's) EmbodieDance classes on Zoom every week to feel community despite physical distance. Lani’s deep knowledge of an extensive roster of movement practices allows her to create unforgettable and profoundly inspiring experiences. I have been attending regularly now for nearly a year, yet every class still brings some new practice: a new way to move, name and understand that movement. Lani’s thoughtful, beautifully worded prompts lead me to new insights into my body and emotions every time. 

Ania Spyra, writer

I have had the fortune to work with Lani in her capacity as a dancer and choreographer.  Lani embodies a delicate and deep balance that merges wisdom, presence, curiosity and humour.  She has a gift for drawing the viewer into a moment filled with raw human dilemma exposed in tenderness and beauty. Her performances ask us to hold the complication of truth. She is brave and fearless and full of surprises.  Her work ethic is rigorous, honest and generous.   Her artwork (is) full of life.

Gerry Trentham, Director, lbs/sq”

Lani's work, as choreographer and teacher, invites audience and students into the charged space in-between: drama and subtlety, urgency and calm, vulnerability and ferocity.  Here the present moment comes alive with possibility and the world is revealed as poetry.

Robert Bingham, Dance artist-scholar

Lani’s residency was charged with energy, intelligence, and generous teaching. Her comprehensive residency covered choreography, cultural and performance issues, and inspired the Alfred community.

D. Chase Angier, Director of Dance Alfred University

Lani Weissbach is a sensitive and dynamic dancer, and her choreography ranges widely from butoh inspired work to extemporaneous forms. I have especially appreciated her reach into butoh, including its meditative essence and surrealist edges.

Sondra Fraleigh, author of “Butoh: Metamorphic Dance and Global Alchemy”

and “Dancing Into Darkness: Butoh, Zen and Japan”

The New York Butoh Institute has had the great pleasure of hosting Lani Weissbach in New York City to teach workshops and perform. Lani is an extraordinary, well rounded educator, gentle in her approach and extremely well informed, drawing from multiple disciplines. She is also a beautiful dancer and carries herself on stage and in life with elegance and the utmost humility. We look forward to welcoming Lani in New York again.

Vangeline   Artistic Director   The Vangeline Theater 

Founder, New York Butoh Institute Lecturer, Princeton University