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What is EmbodieDance? We can begin by asking:

What would your life look like if you could feel more alive and at ease in your own skin?
How would our lives be different if we felt more present and connected to ourselves and each other? 
What could we create on our own or together if we had permission to imagine and play again?

Join Lani and fellow movers to discover your own answers through the dance you were born to do, your intrinsic dance.  EmbodieDance is not a traditional skill and performance-centered approach to dance.  Rather, it is a mindful movement practice that speaks to movers of all levels and is designed to support optimum health and well-being in body, mind, heart and spirit.  Through guided explorations that build awareness from within, we gain a deeper understanding of our bodies, our preferences and new possibilities.  Combining contemporary and ancient movement practices from East and West, EmbodieDance provides a safe container for growth and learning with sensitivity to each individual’s needs.  Come with a curious mind and be ready to move, play, laugh, release and grow in a friendly and nonjudgmental environment.
Among its many benefits, EmbodieDance will encourage you to:
  • Discover your body’s innate ability to move in pleasurable ways, with sensitivity to feelings and sensations in the moment
  • Learn to honor your body’s needs while embracing new possibilities and challenges
  • Develop an awareness of unhelpful habits and learn new ways of moving through stress, pain and limitation
  • Build a wide range of dynamic movement to encourage ease and health in all systems of the body
  • Move beyond the thinking mind in order to experience the present moment, not looking back with regret or forward with anticipation
  • Cultivate empathy through listening and observing others nonjudgmentally
  • Connect to a deeper, more intuitive way of being in your body that can be applied to your daily life
  • Develop the capacity to listen to and move from your heart


I feel I am free whenever I dance in (Lani’s) class. And that experience allows me to re-center and recognize my body and myself. It is a very meaningful journey for me.

~Yola Light, student

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