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Health & Wellness

Movement is medicine, and a mindful approach to movement is an even more powerful way to bring greater health and wellbeing into our lives. Most of us know that moving our bodies is important for our health, yet it is easy to lose interest in moving or to get stuck in unhealthy patterns if we are not enjoying moving, especially as we age.
Here is how I can help.
With all the busyness of our lives, I understand that your time and energy is limited.  I design practices for you and/or your clients and employees that will simultaneously address many of our human needs for mind-body health and well-being, such as:   
  • Feeling less stress and more ease throughout the day
  • Clearing the mind and increasing energy to accomplish daily tasks
  • Feeling a greater sense of purpose in life
  • Lessening physical pain and limitation and increasing movement capacity
  • Cultivating more playfulness, joy and creativity
  • Increasing overall physical fitness and health
In each session we will work with any or all of the following practices:
Somatic Dance/Movement Education to gain a greater understanding of our bodies, preferences and new possibilities. 
Yoga provides a wealth of health benefits, such as activating the body’s calming processes through breathwork and balancing subtle energy systems. 
Mindfulness meditation
builds awareness of how our mind can become our ally in our own healing. 
EmbodieDance combines all of the above together with dance improvisation to bring ease, balance, joy and creativity into our lives.
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