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Lani joins Sondra Fraleigh and three presenters on the Eastwest Somatics panel for the ISMETA Engaging Embodiment Conference March 2021.  Lani's portion begins 20 minutes into the video, and she discusses how she integrates Shin Somatics and butoh into her EmbodieDance classes.
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At the heart of mindful movement is somatic awareness - the awareness of our alive and changing bodies. Somatics is the study of the body as perceived by the self. Somatic processes re-educate the neuromuscular system toward greater health.  Somatic therapists use hands-on movement techniques for this purpose as well as teach movement sequences that can be practiced at home or in groups.  Through somatic education, people learn relaxing motions and postural awareness to:   
  • Manage Stress
  • Relieve Back Pain
  • Breathe More Freely
  • Soften Stiff Neck and Shoulders
  • Reduce Joint and TMJ Discomfort
  • Improve Flexibility and Coordination
  • Perform Favorite Activities with Greater Ease
  • Heal from Trauma to the Neuromuscular System
  • Speed Recuperation after Illness or Surgery
Lani Weissbach is a certified Shin Somatics® practitioner and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator/Therapist (RSME/T) with ISMETA. Shin Somatics® is the registered service mark of Eastwest Somatics Institute for Yoga, Dance and Movement Studies. Shin is a Zen word that means center, heart, body, mind, and tree trunk.  It was founded by Sondra Horton Fraleigh to bridge Somatic Studies with dance.   Shin Somatics is a unique practice influenced by Feldenkrais®, Yoga, Butoh, Dance Movement Therapy, Movement Imagery, and Effective Communication. At the heart of this program is a basic belief in the healing power of aesthetically derived movement. The goal of Shin Somatics is to create space, ease and possibility for the practitioner through the exploration of simple, gentle and organic movement sequences. Lani also has extensive training in other approaches to somatics including Laban/Bartenieff movement studies, Body Mind Centering, the Franklin Method and more.

There is a wide range of possibilities for the application of this work: From private, individual bodywork sessions to any number of group situations, this work is very flexible and can be a supplemental course of study to many disciplines (such as dance, theater, nursing, pre-med and music performance).

If you are interested in a private or group session with Lani, please get in touch
For more information about Shin Somatics, please visit:
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