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Moving through longing

This beautiful photo of my friend Mary Jo Demyer was not originally about longing. The task I invited Mary Jo to do was to ascend to standing, one micro movement at a time. She chose to ascend from this rocky bed, in one area of Ingrid Sato's garden. This simple directive yielded incredible moments in Mary Jo's dance, skillfully captured by photographer Charles Borowicz, and as I look at this photo now, I find myself feeling quite moved. It reminds me of that familiar feeling of yearning or wanting something that may be out of reach. Eventually, Mary Jo made it to a standing position, even though it took her awhile. I am reminded that if she had instead stood up rather quickly, we would have missed so many compelling, nuanced moments in her dance.

The question comes to me: How can I welcome discomfort and imbalance, knowing that each moment is important and reveals the necessity of the next moment?

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